Stand Up Paddle Yoga  has been sweeping across the globe the last couple of years. S.U.P YOGA provides all the benefits of SUP and Yoga combined. S.U.P YOGA increases stability, flexibility, and core strength. Doing a yoga posture on a stand up paddleboard increases awareness of weight transfer. For example, when performing Downward-Facing Dog on land, an individual grounds themselves into their mat with their hands and feet, while focusing on the breath, gaze and proper alignment. When doing the same posture but on a stand up paddle board, an individual will suddenly notice if they are exerting too much force through one side of the body more then the other, because the board will react.

SUP Yoga can enhance an individual’s yoga practice, because unlike a mat the board responds to the movement of the yoga practitioner. Bringing your yoga practice to the outdoors can rejuvenate the mind and soul. Usually performed at the end of a yoga class is a posture known as corpse pose or Savasana, where the individual lies on their back eyes closed, feet fall out to either side, arms slightly separated from the midline of the body at the side palms facing up. This is a pose of total relaxation, and on a board drifting in the water, individuals have stated it feels like they are floating on a cloud. Whether you have practiced yoga for years, or are new to yoga, SUP Yoga is for all ages, and all levels.

About Standup Paddling aka SUP:

Stand up paddle surfing promotes balance, strength and general fitness.  It provides an isometric workout that strengthens your core muscle groups, while giving you a fun and exciting way to view the natural surroundings. Just in the past few years SUP has become a global phenomenon, all around the world SUP can be found on rivers, lakes, creeks, ponds, and the ocean.   In 1886 a picture was taken of a man by the name of Peter Henry Emerson standing up in a recreational water craft and paddling. It wasn’t until the early 1950’s that paddle surfing emerged on Waikiki. First developed by the beach boys of Waikiki to help them take pictures of tourists surfing. Then Laird Hamilton and Dave Kalama popularized it in 2000.

My Training:

I received my SUP Yoga certification from Stoked Yogi on July 2014. Stoked Yogi is the exclusive SUP Yoga education partner for PaddleFit, the leading organization for SUP certification globally. PaddleFit is a foundational course with the nucleus being water safety including the laws and regulations surrounding SUP.


I am available for SUP Yoga classes on a one-on-one basis, small groups of up to 4 people at EAU Palm Beach Resort & Spa in Palm Beach, and I can travel with you to your favorite destination, yYou must have your own boards or there is a separate rental fee from local SUP board rentals.

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