My ideal Healthy Sexy Green Man

Here is the Healhty Sexy Green Manifesto. You may also change Heto She for The Healthy Sexy Green woman manifesto. Invite that beautiful soul you wish to share your life with.

He loves and takes care of his body, mind, and spirit.
He loves and respects his family and friends.
He is authentic, honest, and loyal.

He cleans up after himself.
He cleans up the planet.
He is a role model for young men.
He is rigorously honest and fiercely optimistic.

He holds himself accountable.
He knows what he feels and is not afraid to express it.
He knows how to cry and he lets it go.
He knows how to rage without hurting others.
He knows how to fear and how to keep moving.
He seeks self-mastery.

He recognizes and lets go of childish shame and guilt.
He is kind to men, kind to women, kind to children, kind to animals, kind to earth.
He teaches others how to be kind.
He knows when to apologize.

He stopped blaming women or his parents or men for his pain years ago.
He stopped letting his defenses ruin his relationships.
He stopped letting his penis run his life.
He has enough self-respect to tell the truth.
He creates intimacy and trust with his actions.
He has men that he trusts and that he turns to for support.
He knows how to roll with it.
He knows how to make it happen.
He is disciplined when he needs to be.
He is flexible when he needs to be.
He knows how to listen from the core of his being.

He's not afraid to get dirty.
He's ready to confront his own limitations.
He has high expectations for himself and for those he connects with.
He looks for ways to serve others.
He knows he is an individual.
He knows that we are all one.
He knows he is an animal and a part of nature.
He knows his spirit and his connection to something greater.

He knows that the future generations are watching his actions.
He builds communities where people are respected and valued.
He takes responsibility for himself and is also willing to be his brother's keeper.

He knows his higher purpose.
He loves with fierceness.
He laughs with abandon, because he gets the joke.

He understands intimacy is not just about sex. Intimacy is pure love, the kind that makes your heart burn just a little, clear and honest communication, loyalty, respect, and spiritual tantric love making.

He is not afraid to share his life and care for his beloved.

This is the Mature Masculine - the New Warrior - a re-definition of masculinity for the 21st century.

Ladies and gents post this on your FB walls and attract the healthy Sexy Green man/woman in your life.

In love and gratitude,