The Total Wellness Summit

You've probably heard the saying "Knowledge is Power" I believe it. This is why I train myself to sustain myself by watching documentaries, taking classes related to health and wellness, and taking action on all the stuff I'm learning.

My go to resource for all things wellness is Food Matters TV, it's like the netflix of wellness, I recommend it to all my clients! One of the first food documentaries I ever watched was Food Matters, it inspired me to join the Institute for Integrative Nutrition School to become a health coach, and here I am now, sharing my knowledge for others to elevate. All from that one documentary that created a beautiful ripple effect :-)

So! Food Matters is running The Total Wellness Summit from March 20th-31st!

The Total Wellness Summit is 100% online & FREE ! You will be able to watch 50+ expert interviews and 50+ inspirational documentary films, over 10 days that will help you to:

  • Detox your body easily and natural

  • Reduce bloating & fatigue

  • Healing the gut and autoimmune conditions

  • Minimize stress to help you feel better

  • Naturally prevent & reverse chronic disease

  • Go deeper into the mind & body than you have

  • Plus, more!

There’s so much more I can’t fit in this email, but click here to browse the daily schedule, experts & documentaries, and save your free seat for what is sure to be the online wellness event of the year!

Please be sure to not miss these speakers, they have influenced the way I live my life.

Day 4 - Dr. Bruce Lipton

Day 6 - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Day 9 - Marie Forleo

Save your free seat & explore the schedule, here > >

Here’s to discovering the tools and keys to total wellness!

Much love and respect,

Barbara Alfonzo

P.S. When you save your seat, you will get instant access to the‘Eat This, Not That’ downloadable chart. It’s a creative and effective chart to use as a guide for healthy eating. Download it now on this page > >