September 11th - What's the Truth?

September 11th, a day marked by an act that instilled fear around the world. An act of Terror it was named. Wether it was by terrorists in themiddle east or an inside job, I question everything before I blinding accept anything that the media decides to feed me. I look at all possible angles.

Have you read the Fifth Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz

The fifth agreement uses doubt as a tool to discern the truth. Doubt takes us behind the words we hear to the underlying real message or intent. By being skeptical, we don’t believe every message we hear, and when we don’t put our faith in lies, we quickly move beyond emotional drama and the feeling of victimization.

According to the Ruizes, The Fifth Agreement prepares us to return to our innate wisdom, and live our lives based on truth. The truth leads to self-mastery, to a life that’s very easy; believing in lies leads to needless conflict and human suffering. “Many years ago, I began to teach the fifth agreement, but then I discovered that no one was ready to learn the advanced Toltec teachings that underline this agreement. The Four Agreements were enough of a challenge at the time,” Don Miguel Ruiz

QUESTION EVERYTHING - The Media, The Government. Be careful to not go into blind faith believing everything the sensational media feeds you. Fear is the greatest tactic used to repress the masses. There is more than just 1 possibility. We can choose to respond out of love or fear. 

May we all have the courage to remain aware, present, and choose love. 



The viral phenomenon is back and remastered in HD. A stunning analysis of the 9/11 attacks released late in 2005, Loose Change 2nd Edition went viral the following Spring and went on to be labeled "the first Internet blockbuster" by Vanity Fair. "It's fucking riveting!"