Yoga Rocks with Eric Paskel

I am so so happy I had the oppotuinty to work with Eric Paskel during the Yoga Rocks Retreat at EAU Palm Beach Resort & Spa two weekends ago.

Eric Paskel makes yoga fun, practical, edgy, and raw. He brough his high-energy style, rock & roll playlists, and awesome vibes. I look forward to hosting him again next year. 

I attended his lecture class - Relationships in the Raw. It was on point perfect. All about relationships and how to begin, keep, and continue a healthy relationship with the self, others, and ultimately the earth. Here are my notes:

  • Our mission in life? - How to relate. To ourselves, others, and the environement.
  • Learn about you to learn to relate to your own equipment.
  • Three Functioning equipments:
    • Body - mvoement, organs of perception, bodies of elimination.
    • Mind - feeding center, emotion. It rambles. it's impulsive. It likes and dislikes. Likes - attached. Don't like - repulsed.
    • Intellect - reason and logic, it's created, it's patient.
  • Intellect VS Intelligence -
    • Intellect helps you make a life. 
    • Intelligence helps you make a living.
  • Learn to harness your emotions, use them, don't let them use you.
  • When dating - Assess.  If you don't asses you're an ass. Watch. Ask questions. Look for data. 
  • Know your nature. 
  • Be wise and awake.
  • Entrance of a relationship:
    • Have no desire to "have" to or "need" to be in a relationship. feel ok with not having to be in one.
    • Make sure you have your attachments and addictions under control.
    • Cultivate a strong positive sense of self.
    • Egoless - don't take things personally. diminish not demolish the ego.
    • You don't need anyting from them. No co-dependancy.
  • Joy is found in the absense of something. Give yourself time alone or apart.
  • A relationship begins when you want it to end. 
  • Duty VS Rights
    • Duty - be the best you you can be. Person, daughter, wife, husband, broteher. It's about giving and sharing.
    • Rights - all about taking, what's in it for me kind of attitude.
  • Moderation of contact - take space and time apart from eachother.
  • Create your way and the world follows.
  • LOVE = Identification. You seeing you everywhere. Universal identification of all creatures.
  • Selfish - mind - your ways, wants, & needs first.
  • Love is the way I feel about you, regardless of the way you feel about me, or make me feel.
  • If you don't love everybody, youd on't love anybody.
  • How to build Intellect?
    • Read - The Haullocast of attachment   
    • Take 30-60 minutes of reading everyday between the hours of 4-5am
    • Question everything. Question yourself. Check your motives.
    • Intrspection - take 5 minutes before bed to go over the tape of your day. Be the conscious observe and eatch obejectively.
  • The mind is questioning things. Use the intellect to questions the questions.
  • Things that don't go our way develop us.
  • Knowledge is sight, information, theory.
  • Wisdom is insight, transformation, practice.

Some words of wisom right there from Eric Paskel. Thank you Eric and thank YOU for reading. Make we all have the courage to make choices from our intellect more and more every day.

With love and gratitude,


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