Have you gotten your astrological birth-chart done?

Astrology is the study of the movements and relative positions of the planets as a means for discovering information about human affairs and terrestrial events. It consists of a number of belief systems that hold that there is a relationship between astronomical phenomena and events or descriptions of personality in the human world. 

Wether we believe this to be true or not, sometimes you don't seem to be yourself or you feel a bit off and sometimes it could very well be the locaton of the planets at that particular time in your life, It's wild! I don't know much about astrology but what I do know is really on point for me. I did this astrological birth-chart and wanted to share it with you. Part so you can do it yourself, and part so you get to me a bit too, it fits me like a perfect pair of yoga pants!

Here are two links for you to try the first one is the one I did, the second is very cool too for a summary and then you pay to get the rest. You will need, your birth date, time of birth, and location.   Link 1      Link 2

The most important information from the following table are: your sun sign, moon sign and your ascendant. The sun sign is the most general information in your horoscope. However you should make special note of your ascendant (Asc), also called rising sign. Never forget your rising sign as it give you more in-depth information about yourself. The Moon sign is also important as it reflects your emotions and intuitive side of your nature. In the Old Astrology, the Moon sign was a lot more important as the more general Sun sign.

This birth chart shows the positions of the planets of Barbara Alfonzo

The planets in the signs

The position of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac has an influence on the character of the individual and these influences form a large part of the individual psyche.

Sun in Cancer

She weighs words carefully and is tenacious. A calm and discreet nature, tender, thoughtful, sensitive and impressionable. She likes group life.

Weaknesses: She is humble, timid, changeable, indecisive, lazy, over-sensitive and prickly. Easily influenced by the family.

Moon in Cancer

She is likeable and sociable. Very sensitive to environmental conditions and surroundings. She likes home, habits, comfort and her little world. Large families.

Weaknesses: subject to family circle, indolence, inertia. She is impressionable and too sensitive. Family problems.

Mercury in Gemini

Quick and alert mind. Suited to lengthy research. Likes changes and travel, she is always on the search for novelty. Likes movement and commotion. Facility with the spoken word. She likes writing.

Weaknesses: excitable in the extreme, mental strain.

Venus in Taurus

Amiability and fidelity. Likes to please and dress up. Earns a good living. She is generous but not extravagant. Affectionate, sensual and loving in nature, she likes the good things of Life, sensitive to beauty, melodious sounds, perfumes. Love arrives slowly, without passion but with force. Love is lasting.

Weaknesses: indolence, laziness, immoderate taste for pleasures of Life, gambling, entertainment and luxury.

Mars in Libra

Aggression is quite simply repressed. She stores up the setbacks without letting it show, but too much can be difficult to support. Appreciates the Arts, beauty.

Weaknesses: she is quick to criticize the society in which she lives. She likes to please and plays on the affection of others.

Jupiter in Scorpio

She is provocative, brusque, offensive. Very pretentious and opinionated, with lots of authority and ambition. Possibility of a large family.

Weaknesses: immoderate sensual appetite. Pretension, disdain, insolence.

Saturn in Libra

Recognized for her seriousness, moral qualities. She is respectable, conscientious.

Weaknesses: not open to new ideas.

Uranus in Sagittarius

She is shy, delicate but proud, bold and lively.

Neptune in Sagittarius

Likes long voyages, things foreign, water.

Pluto in Libra

Brings changes.

Sign and ascendant

The planets in the houses

The planetary positions in the houses express the facts relative to destiny.

Sun in XII

Professional success in isolated occupations. Work in laboratories, scientific research, police, information services, hospitals.

Moon in I

Very sensitive. Fantasizes. She is easily frightened, she is fearful, shy, prudent and emotional.

Mercury in XI

She has lots of friends. She likes intelligent, cultivated people which whom she can have verbal battles: she likes debates, interminable discussions. She likes to be friends with younger people: friends come and go.

Venus in XI

Successful professional life in great part due to good relationships, friends or patrons. She finds love in the circle of friends.

Mars in III

Lively spirit, alert and ingenious but sarcastic, critical, provocative. She is quarrelsome. Expresses herself easily, does what she wants: success is at the end of the road. She is capable and acts quickly.

Jupiter in IV

She likes and believes in justice. She is an optimist and is generous. Professional success is rapid and helped by the family. Family life is very important for her. She likes comfort, well-being at home. She knows how to entertain in style and above all with pleasure: her house is always open to friends.

Saturn in IV

She needs to be dominated. She has a sense of organization and accepts her responsibilities. She achieves her objectives in spite of slow progress, with many hurdles to overcome. She is persevering and patient.

Uranus in V

She is independent, likes even dubious distractions. Her amorous adventures are not only numerous but also very complicated, otherwise they hold no charm.

Neptune in VI

She is more prone than most to the bad influence of alcohol, medicines and drugs. To be avoided at all costs.

The houses in the signs

Ascendant in Cancer

She will certainly have a large family. Indeed, family life, the home, the children will be very important for her.

House II in Leo

Financial success will be very easy thanks to the support of influential people. 

Tendency to spend more than what is earned.

House III in Virgo

She pulls everything to pieces, analyzes, critizes. Doesn't take on anything without examining the pro's and the con's. She is very careful, sometimes to a manic extent, taking everything into account even to the slightest detail.

House IV in Libra

The simple life, the small home isn't for her. If the job doesn't pay well or she doesn't marry well financially speaking, she will probably be unhappy. Likes luxury goods to make life comfortable, going out, cocktail parties. Goes round only with refined people, perhaps sometimes a little too affected, and with good jobs.

House V in Scorpio

Gets blinded by and drunk with love: everything revolves around her love. Her passions are angry, exclusive and domestic quarrels are in prospect as a result. Fertile love life.

House VI in Sagittarius

Likes jobs that involve travel, moving about a lot. Weak point: the circulation of the blood.

House VII in Capricorn

A love-and-friendship marriage. Unproblematic, quiet relationship. A few hiccups, but nothing really serious. Faithfulness. 

House VIII in Aquarius

An unexpected inheritance.

House IX in Pisces

Likes sea cruises. Sometimes has brilliant ideas that come from nowhere. 

House X in Aries

All the leadership qualities are there: authority, energy, initiative, leadership, lots of gung-ho and of course intelligence.

House XI in Taurus

Likes to be surrounded by frank and good-hearted friends. These friendships don't stand on ceremony. Carries out everything she undertakes surely, composedly, calmly until successful.

House XII in Gemini

Anxiety, preoccupation concerning a dear one.

Interplanetary aspects

The interplanetary aspects have a strong influence on the character and disposition of the individual and, consequently, on her destiny.

The conjunction aspect is variable and depends above all on the nature of the conjoint planets.

463 Sextile Moon - Venus

She is gracious, sweet and gay. She likes pleasure and entertainment, but also the Arts. She needs tenderness, loves and wants children. She appreciates home life in a comfortable atmosphere.

-172 Square Moon - Jupiter

She is indifferent to others, to those who surround her: she is negligent and indecisive. She likes excess, gambling and her honesty is elastic. This aspect does not help professional success, especially as she tends to spend more than she earns.

-172 Opposition Venus - Uranus

She looks for new sensations in love and is often unsatisfied by affairs which quickly turn into purely conventional relationships. She likes novelty, adventure, the eccentric: she is frivolous, unstable, unfaithful. Marriage is not for her and, if she does throw herself into this adventure, it will end in divorce, written off as a youthful mistake. As a result of her numerous love affairs, she makes sure her line is continued.

143 Trine Mercury - Mars

She likes to discuss, likes polemic. She has good judgement and is determined. She is a worker and has lots of energy. She has a lively intelligence and goes to the heart of things.

134 Trine Moon - Uranus

She is imaginative and has the Moon's intuition complemented by Uranus' independence and originality. Her life is out-of-the-ordinary, with lots of changes and a great knowledge of the world not through reading but through personal experience. She likes the sensational, new things. She acts instinctively, but fortunately has a good sixth sense. She likes to be surrounded by original people, artists.

127 Trine Sun - Jupiter

She has high social ambitions, respects justice and the law. She is tolerant, optimistic, kindly. She has every chance for professional success in a strictly legal setting.

89 Conjunction Jupiter - Pluto

She likes to direct, is intelligent and is an organizer of the first order.

-76 Opposition Sun - Neptune
Her imagination turns to internal day-dreaming: she is easily influenced, and complicates life unnecessarily. She does not bring plans to a conclusion. The dream-world is enough.

74 Trine Mercury - Saturn

47 Conjunction Mars - Saturn

She is energetic and determined. She has strength and resistance, ability and patience: she is tough, and sometimes insensitive, and puts all her energy and talents into overcoming all the obstacles to her success. She is obstinate, calculating, does not take on anything without having thought of all the possible consequences, she can take all the time in the world and never loses patience to achieve her objectives. She is not particularly popular in her circle, but is feared and respected.

44 Sextile Neptune - Pluto

35 Conjunction Saturn - Pluto

She perseveres, achieves her projects through hard work.

-28 Square Saturn - Ascendant

Her life is difficult and cramped. She is a worker, but success takes time in coming. She has problems in being open. She accepts solitude, rather than looks for it. Family problems.

-22 Square Mars - Ascendant

She is quarrelsome, critical and violent. Her success is obtained by dubious means.

-20 Square Moon - Pluto

She has problems in love. She is jealous, her self-esteem is often quickly held up to ridicule.

-14 Opposition Mercury - Uranus

She likes polemic, to criticize and, above all, to contradict. She lacks diplomacy and tends to dissipate her energy. She cannot stay in the same place, likes change even if it means a backward step in her professional career.

7 Trine Sun - Pluto

She is aware of the goal to be achieved. She is strong, and always picks herself up after a setback.

1 Sextile Jupiter - Neptune

She is very generous and altruistic, helping people in difficulty or sick people. She knows how to listen or, at least, how to give that impression. She is a dreamer, with lots of imagination: she likes the Arts.

In love and gratitude,

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