Product Review - Live Ultimate

A lot of people ask me what is a quick breakfast to do that is healthy, quick to make, and can keep you satiated and energy levels stable for a few hours?

My answer.

Protein shake with super foods.

I've been using Vegan Smart  as my protein powder for about a year now. And in that year I've played with adding other greens, and super foods to it that I would find at Marshalls or Home Goods, yes these stores have them, just check the expiration date. None of them have worked as well as the one I've been using for the past month and a half, it is called Live Ultimate

I was introduced to the product by my friend Devin Burke, a very respected and well known Performance Health Coach in the South Florida area. I thought, if he recommends it, then it must good. He gave me a sample to try and it was a scoop of the greens superfood powder called The Ultimate Elixir, and a scoop of the mushroom powder called Ultimate Shrooms,  he mixed them in a cup of cold water. I tried it and to my surprise it tasted really good, almost like a matcha tea or green tea, definately has an earthy taste, I mean come on, I;m drinking earth! Yes!  That is really hard to create! A supergreens powder that tastes good with just water? I had to give it a real try.

A week later I attended a launch party Live Ultimate had in Miami. I tried it again in a smoothie and I was hooked. I purchased my product and I've been taking it every morning for the last 45 days. I have to say, it is the best green powder I have ever had. The sustained energy I have throughout the day is incredible, and I'm feeling really good in my body, I have so much energy that I started jogging and lifting weights! What?! Never in my 35 years of existance have I had the will and desire to want to jog and do weights! I don't know if it's the Ulitmate products but I'm going to say is has a big part in that.

Here is my morning drink, I take first thing in the morning after a tall glass of water, and before my 7 am yoga class.

I use a shaker to mix it all and off I go!

This gives me sustained energy for about 4 hrs. Check out more detauls in the picture below.

In love and gratitude,


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