Thank you 2017 ! Hello 2018!

Oh my goodness! Can you believe we are 2 weeks away from 2018?!

I feel 2017 has been a year of awakening. A year where humanity is awakening to the fact that we need to become more self-reliant, we need to understand how consumerism is affecting the environment, and how our thoughts, words, and actions create our experience in this journey we call life.

Awareness is the key to spiritual awakening.

I want to share with you something I learned about 4 years ago. I learned that the first 12 days of January could represent the whole year. For example: Jan. 1 stands for the month of January, while Jan. 2 stands for February, the 3rd for March, and so on for the first 12 days of the year.

Whether this is true or not, I don't know. But according to spiritual teacher Master Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, the first 12 days of January are a micro-cosm for the rest of our year. What I do know, is that intentions, prayer, visualization, AND action are powerful and creative tools we all possess.

Earlier this year I set intentions to travel. I spent the first 11 days of the year at Vipassana Meditation, I was attuned with my 6th chakra (third eye) during these days, I was meditating for 10 hours a day. Our 6th chakra energy center is in charge of vision, manifesting, seeing the future. During breaks I would visualize myself traveling. Hosting retreats, spending time with people and sharing with them what I've learned through my yoga and healthy lifestyle.

And guess what?

This year I visited 10 different states , and I organized my first Yoga retreat in Bali!. I get to enjoy this trip starting December 26th!

Intend, Believe, Act

Are you ready to try it for yourself?!

  • Take a moment to write down each month on paper.
  • Next to the months write a feeling, an action to take, a place you want to visit, a project to start/finish, etc.
  • Do this for each month

Pay attention to the first 12 days of the year, and treat each day as if it was each month of the year. Be intentional with your thoughts, words, and actions those days. Begin and end each day with gratitude. Give gratitude in advance for all the things that you are manifesting, as if they have already happened.

Ask yourself:

How do I want my 2018 to be, to feel?

What am I willing to do, to be and feel that way?

What do I want to be doing in.... March, June...etc?

Now make sure on January 3rd (for march),and 6th (for June),that you are thinking, or taking action on something that would equal to how you want to feel or where you want to be in March, June.

If we imagine that each of these first 12 days symbolizes the twelve months of the new year, when we decide to give them a special intention, it strengthens our resolutions and helps get the year started on the right track. By practicing loving kindness, openness, and generosity, while giving thoughtful attention to the significance of each day, you can create the year you wish to experience.

I give thanks to all the joys and lessons of 2017 brought me and cheers to a beautiful, productive, properous, giving, truth sharing, and FUN 2018!

May you be in love with you and your life. Thank you for taking the time to read.

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In Love and Gratitude,