Bali = Magic

Happy New Year 2018! 

I am back from Bali and I'm so excited to tell you that my retreat, and the full Bali experience was a dream come true. I am so grateful for all the memories with all 21 students and friends, my two co-teachers, and my beloved Brian. 

Bali is true Magic!

I will let these pictures tell the story...all pictures by my beloved Brian Blest

Here are my Bali recommendations:


  • Stay - Gedong Bali Family Homestay
  • Shop - Shop at the market and I thought all stores were amazing.
  • Dessert - Tukies coconut ice cream - THE BEST
  • Food - Restaurants - The Seeds of Life, Sopa, Earth cafe and Market, 
  • Yoga - The Yoga Barn - try the cafe and the Sunday ecstatic dance experience.
  • Fun - Monkey Forrest, Bali Swing


  • Stay - Boho Bingin, Mu, The Temple Lodge
  • Shop - I did not experience a lot of shopping here, but the street that takes you to the beach has some stores.
  • Yoga - Yoga searcher Bali, do their hydrotherapy experience!
  • Food - The Cashew Tree is amazing!
  • Fun - Single Fin and nearby spots too, beach below there is awesome!


  • Stay - We rented an 11 bedroom house for our retreat - The Indies Estate
  • Shop - Their night market
  • Yoga - Power of Now Oasis
  • Food - Genius Cafe


  • Stay - Desa Seni - We stayed here second part of our retreat
  • Shop - Everywhere - I liked a street down Desa Seni. There is an app named 
  • Yoga - Desa Seni, The Practice
  • Food - My Warung, La Finca, La Laguna - this place is beautiful for sunsets!