Wanderlusting in Portland

Wow! Did the people of Portland come to party!

Portland Wanderlust 108 was the first Wanderlust experience I had where it rained.  The rain wasn’t heavy, it was light, and consistent. That sure didn’t damper the spirits of the Portlandians! I was so impressed to see everyone doing the 5k, doing yoga, and meditating in the rain! They were much braver souls than I, whom seeked shelter in the Buddha Pants tent wearing a pair of leggings under my Buddha Pants. Which is nothing compared to the five layers I had on top: tank top, shirt, yoga jacket, pleather jacket, and a rain coat! Yeah, hats off to you Portland! Unlike this girl you definitely don’t let a little water slow you down. I was already impressed with your spirit, and I was most impressed when McYogi asked everyone if they were ready to do some yoga… and everyone wanted to keep dancing in the rain! Heavens yes!

And a big ups to McYogi for representing all of the mothers. He really unified the group in a very strong intention for the reason that we’re all here… Thanks to all of our mothers! Although I didn’t get to see my mami today, I was able to honor her with a strongly supported group intention. Thank you for that Wanderlust!

I had an amazing three days in Portland!

I knew Portland was going to be green. Last year I visited Seattle for the first time for Northwest Flow Fest and had my first introduction to the NorthWest. Still, I was in awe of just how lush, rich, and dense Oregon’s greenery is!  Green was one thing, and the other- water! Just 20 minutes outside of Portland I saw some of the most magnificent waterfalls in the United States! To be more precise, a enjoyed a salmon burger, clam chowder, salad, and rosemary fries under the second largest continually running waterfall in the nation- Multnomah Falls. Multnomah is one of many water falls in a string of falls just south of the Columbia River. Absolutely majestic. And no work to see. You can literally drive right up them. And yes, I do eat well ;)

Is Portland known for being weird? Because my beloved was feeling right at home. He found most people to be authentic and friendly. Maybe it’s Portland, maybe it’s the spots we visited. Either way… good people! And that’s including the guy who ran up on us at a red light to let us know we cut him off. He seemed like he was looking for a fight, but after talking to us at our car window and seeing how genuinely clueless, confused, and apologetic we were, he kindly returned to his vehicle behind us. Sorry bro!

Let me tell you more about the places we experienced!

First and foremost, of course we did, Brian has been waiting nearly two decades to go here. Finally, he has experienced… Voodoo Doughnuts. I rarely see him so excited, he made me take photos of him with his pink box closed, with the box open, in front of the store… now I know how he feels when I ask him to take my photos a bunch of times! The locals would gawk about how there are better doughnuts to be had in Portland and that Voodoo is a tourist spot… and tourists we were!

We stayed on the east side of town and also found we really enjoyed the vibe there. The world’s first vegan mini-mall. You know I’m going to check that out! We had a late breakfast (it was really lunch) at sweet pea. We shared a nottuna sandwich and a doughnout. Next to it was a store called Herbivore, they sell all vegan arts, clothing, and gifts. Super cute. Next door is a grocery store called Food Fight were we grabbed a bucnch of healthy snacks for the day.

We drove around town and found thisnplace called Cargo and I was instantly in love! They have everythig I would love toniavr in my house and wardrobe.

We grabbed dinner at a vegan place called Harlow, I highly recommend, food was amazing and the area has a ton of cool shops and cafes.

Finally before we headed out to the airport we went to the Rose Gardens. I'm sure it is unbelievable when the rose are blooming because it was beautiful even with no blooms. 

Our flight was delayed which then created a domino effect causing us to probably miss our next flight since we only had 10 mins between flights instead of 40. We were given the option to try it to make it or take other flights. Brian wanted the adventure of trying. I didn't want to stress so we decided to change flights completely. This then caused me to miss my morning class at Palm Beach Gym, I miss my students so much! I've had to miss this class 5 weeks in a row now due to red eye flights from the west coast the last 5 weekends.  

Portland was cold and rainy and oh so beautifullly lush. Enjoy some of the photos below captured by my very talented beloved- the artist blest. www.theartistblest.com

With love,