Wanderlusting in New Orleans

New Orleans was so incredibly fun! I'm so happy my cousin Jesicca Aloha joined me on this adventure with Buddha Pants. This was the kick off spring/summer tour for the Buddha Pants at the Wanderlust 108 shows. The people of New Orleans were stoked, happy, and a super fun crowd.

I remember Jesicca and I had a line out the Buddha Pants tent. For a while there I rang order after order and she was helping them try on the pants. It was sooo cool!

MC Yogi and DJ Drez know how to get the crowd going music was so good. Chelsea Chorus gave a super powerful class viibing with DJ Drez's music.

Buddha Pants went all out and booked us a room at the Aloft, Super cool Hotel.  Thank you BP!

We arrived Friday very early in the morning, rented a car, and off we went to the French Quarter. I know, I know super touristy, but guess what? I'm a tourist! We walked all the streets, tok pictures everywhere, ate some food, then ate some more. We loved the vibe, everyone was so nice and I feel like people actually made eye contact there. I felt connected to the locals there. Everyone was very nice and respectful. 

We went to the market and there we met the owner of a really beautiful accesory booth.. He was very fun and we ended up talking about travles and even dancing to Salsa and Tambor, he had lived in a Venezuela island called Los Roques, one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Anyway he was nice and gifted us two brancelets, we got matching ones. Thank you!

We set up for Buddha Pants show and then went back to the Hotel to freshen up and rest a bit. We wake up from nap and head down to the bar. The concierge was so nice to give us each 2 drink tickets when we checked in. We got a serrano pineapple margherita, and then another. The bartender was super cool and started telling us about places to go to. He sends us to a restaunrat called Peche , which is probably one of the top restaurant I've ever been too. Even my friend Joan mentioned is was hard to get a reservation. We walked right in and found two seats at the bar from a couple that was leaving. Joan met us there.

The bartender also said we should go to this Om Lounge, and we were like OM Lounge? Yes! Well it was a South Beach wannabe club and we were the only ones in. They were playing hip-hop and of course I start dancing by myself.  We missed the whole New Orleans nightlife vibe and ended up doing the touristy thing.. LOL We were tired and went home, at least our friend Joan the local, went and did the local thing. 

New Orlenas was short and fun and I would totally go back and explore some more.

In Loving Kindness,