Beliefs are nothing more than a strong opinion, conviction, or a deep faith in something or someone. We belief either because it was handed down to us from parents, school, etc, we have beliefs from personal experiences or other people’s experiences, or we have beliefs from thoughts that we repeat so much in our heads that it becomes a belief - this is a dangerous one and the one I want to write about in this post. Why? Because we have 2 main thought patterns -

Empowering thoughts or Disempowering thoughts.

Empowering thoughts - I can, I will, I have... They are positive and inspire and motivate us to do the work. This is a can do attitude. It is attractive and they make shit happen. Curiosity and excitement based. 

Disempowering thoughts - I can’t, I don’t have, I’m not enough, don’t know enough... They are negative and deplete our energy. This is a can’t do attitude. It’s that Debbi downer, or negative nancy vibe. They are fear based and invites lack mentality into our life. 

Now let’s do the work. Take an honest look this week at how you respond to life’s challenges, do you go into curiosity mode or do you go into defeated mode? Be honest with yourself this is the only way you will change. If you find that you go into fear and lack then in that moment make a conscious decision to shift! How can you flip that thought unto its other side? It begins with awareness. Pay attention to your responses when you hear something you didn’t want to hear, when you didn’t get to do something you wanted to do etc.

We need strong minded humans, it begins with awareness and the desire to want to be better. Then cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for the very moment that challenges you because in that moment you can choose to be empowered or disempowered. Really, you get to choose to be a victor or a victim.