Love your hormones

Ladies how much love and care do you give your hormones? Do you take care of them as much as you do your hair, nails, eye lashes, lips, butt, and boobs?  real talk though!

Our hormones are responsible for how we think, feel, and look. That’s some heavy shit right there that deserves all the attention we can give it right?!

When our hormones are in balance we feel sharp, upbeat, we have good memory, we feel energetic without the need for caffeine, we fall asleep quickly, and awake refreshed. We have a healthy appetite, our hair and skin glow, we feel emotionally balanced and we respond to stress with grace and logic. When it’s time for our moon we don’t feel PMS, our sex life is healthy, when entering menopause we slide into that new phase with ease. 

If that doesn’t describe you to a T, then you my friend have a hormonal imbalance, and before you get your hair nails done, hair done, everything did, make some time for your hormones. If you suffer from PMS, Pcos, thyroid, low sex drive, mood swings, weight gain, depression, anxiety, then your hormones are out of wack. 

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When starting to learn about hormones we need to understand the root cause. Your doctors might prescribe pills or the removal of your precious organs but that is not the only answer ladies, you need to dig deep into the root. Here are the 6 major causes of hormone imbalance than can be fixed!

1) Poor Nutrition
2) Birth control, antibiotics, hormones
3) Toxins in skincare and house cleaning products
4) Chronic stress and lack of self-care
5) Lack of sleep
6) Genetic predispositions

What advice do you wish would have given yourself a few years ago? Asnwer in the comment box.