The path to self-love is through self-care.

What does that really mean? For me, it’s about making choices today that your future self will thank you for. From your mindset, to the foods you eat, the physical activity you do, the relationships you keep, connection to source, and having a genuine love for the work you do.

It took me a few years, coaches, nutrition school, yoga, meditation, mistakes, diets, letting go of relationships, changing jobs, daily self care rituals, travel, trial and error, and so much more to understand myself, to get to know myself, and the things that make me happy, healthy, and love and care for myself.

Self-love is not a destination, it is a journey, and it is called life. How do we go through life? Making choices that empower or disempower us?

#realtalk Before my healthy lifestyle I was eating fast food, no vegetables and no meat 😳 think taco bell, pizza, pastas, no meat or veggies. I worked the nightlife and often drank redbull to stay awake. Alcohol was a friend at least 3 nights a week. Pot was a bestie. PMS and I were enemies. My energy was on vacation. And my self-care got so bad I developed BV. Figure that one out. My self-love was replaced with self-loathing.

I am sharing this because there is someone out there reading this that might be going through something similar and I’m here to tell you there are tools to arm yourself with to break through the self-loathing and step into self-love. 

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