Mental Diet

There are 5 ways we ingest and digest information, nutrients, and toxins.

  1. Mouth - what we eat and drink speak.
  2. Nose - what we inhale, smell.
  3. Skin - anything topical
  4. Eyes - what we read, watch
  5. Ears - what we listen to

The first 3 have to do with the physical body mostly. Think of this as your food, drinks, and skin care products you use as well as anything that ads scent to home, car, office etc.

The second two feed your mind. This is your mental diet. And just like there are junk foods, and fast foods, and just crappy food like items that leave you feeling low energy, in the same way TV, radio, magazine, books programming has an effect on your psyche and eventually it affects your body too. So makes sense to pay attention to your mental diet as you do your food diet.

Ask yourself: I’m ingesting mental McDonalds? Or Organic and Whole thoughts?