It's All About The Hormones Baby! ♫

For the last 8 months I've been focusing on getting to know and understand the magical world of hormones. From joining the Hormones Health Course at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, to reading and following the protocols in the Cooking for Hormone Balance Book, to using Essential Oils for Hormones, and reading Beyond Mars & Venus book, I am now convinced and educated enough to believe that:

It's All About The Hormones Baby! ♫

For real! Hormones affect every tissue and organ in the body! As you may know, hormones are chemical messengers produced by glands in the body to regulate physiology and behavior. Whoa! That's kind of a big deal... So, I've come to the realization that if we want to feel healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally, we need to pay attention to our hormone health.

I know earlier this year I committed to having my online program done by the summer. Well... not going to happen, is taking me a little longer than anticipated, but I am putting together everything I've been learning into a plan that is easy, and fun to follow, to reset your hormones and fall in love with a way of living that supports their optimal function. After-all, the way that you feel, goes back to the way your hormones are working, or not working for that matter.

In the mean time, I've put together these resources for you to get started in your own hormone learning journey.

  • Take this quiz to see where you are at with hormonal imbalance symptoms.

    • Pretty much if you have PMS, low libido, infertility, hair loss, moodiness, bloating, hot flashes, ovarian cysts, acne, low energy, endometriosis, PCOS, meltdowns, fibroids, irregular or painful periods, and this list goes on and on, you my friend have a hormonal imbalance.

  • Read These Books

    • Cooking for Hormone Balance - The quiz is in the book as well, the book goes deep into explaining all about, hormones and then gives you a food plan for different hormonal imbalances with the yummiest, easy to follow recipes, this will probably be the textbook to purchase for my program *

    • Beyond Mars & Venus - How your relationships affect your hormones and what to do about it. This one is a game changer! I knew about eating for the different times of your cycle, but this one is all about the dynamics in your relationship for each time of your cycle!

    • The Essential Oils Hormone Solution - This one teaches you how to use the magical doTERRA essential oils to help balance hormones. I love her blends! Currently enjoying a diffuser blend of rosemary, bergamot, and Juniper Berry to help with focus and memory while I write this newsletter to you. It's lovely!

  • Listen to these podcasts

    • Essentially You - Dr. Mariza's podcast on women's health. Try episodes # 33, 43, 44, 47, 57, 83, 86, 101, 105, 114. See which one resonates with you.

    • 15 - minute Matrix - Functional Medicine Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama's 15 minute podcast about functional health, one of my favs! Try episode 19

  • Watch these videos

This should you keep you inspired and productive in learning more about your hormonal health. If you feel like you need support through the journey, know that you're not alone. I am here to help! As a Health Coach, I specialize in helping people to create a plan for their healthiest, sexiest, greenest life ever.Go to my Calendly to schedule a 30 min initial complimentary consultation with me today – or pass this offer on to someone you care about!

Thank you for reading and as all-ways, much love and respect to you!


*I am a proud affiliate of hers so if you use that link to purchase the book, you're supporting me in return, thank you!